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Recommended by Antonio Nuñez Ossorio & Vanessa del Alba

A good option for staying near the Doñana National Park in southern Spain. Situated in the “green corridor” of Guadimar and near Dehesa de Abajo in the middle of Iberian Lynx habitat. 15 double and 2 single rooms.

Recommended by Jesus Solana

Southern Andalucia: in the Abastos market in the centre of Tarifa, a European mecca for birders wanting to observe the migration of soaring birds over the Strait of Gibraltar and the passes of Los Alcornocales Natural Park. Next up La Alameda Park.…

Recommended by Jesus Solana

Southern Andalusia, Spain: in Tarifa, a mecca for watching the migation of soaring birds in spring and autumn over the Strait of Gibraltar and Los Alcornocales Natural Park. Freshly prepared local sea fish is deicious and reasonably priced,…

Recommended by Jesus Solana Ramos

Andalusia, Spain: situated in the Alcornocales Natural Park, half way between the principal migration watchpoints for soaring birds over the Gibraltar Starit and 10km from Tarifa. A charming locale. Rooms with large bathroom and a terrace…

Andújar, Andalusia: situated in the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park, one of the main sactuaries for Iberian Lynx and other low mountain species like Spanish Imperial Eagle and Eurasian Black Vulture. Excellent quality/ price ratio. This restaurant is…

Recommended by Jesus Solana and Lonely Birder

Andalusia, Spain: just 2km fro Tarifa and infront of Los Lances beach, one of the birding hotspots of the area, with regular sightings of Lesser Crested Tern, for example. In a 30 minute radius you can visit La Janda and Los Alcornocales Natural…

Recommended by Alberto Álvarez

The typical dishes are lard-cooked pork loin, beef with sauce and venison stew. They serve very typical food in a lovely family atmosphere. Great quality/price value. The owner’s statement says: ‘no one leaves this place without having eaten’.

Recommended by Fran Vargas Bianchi

The unique aspect of this establishment is that they prepare packed lunches to take away that can be also delived to you at your birding spot in the Strait of Gibraltar (Southern Spain). The delivery birding spots are El Algarrobo (Algeciras),…

Recommended by Álex Colorado

It’s situated opposite the Atunara Port. This restaurant specialises in a range of good rice dishes like rice with lobster, paella, and sardines and fried fish especially in the summer. The local fish is fresh and very good. The size of the portions…

Andalusia, Spain: next to the Alcornocales Natural Park and the Strait of Gibraltar. An ideal base for birding the area, lying between ideal points for viewing raptor and other soaring bird migration on spring and autumn. By looking skyward at these…

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