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Recommended by José María Fernández García

Poland: this is situated by the Biebrza National Park with its healthy populations of White-tailed and Lesser Spotted Eagles, Eurasian Beaver, Elk among many others. The owner is a park guide. There are three double rooms. This is a wooden house in…

Recommended by Antonio Nuñez Ossorio and Vanessa de Alba

Poland: rural apartments near the Pieniny National Park, an exceptional place to watch birds like Hazel Hen, Northern Three-toed Woodpecker and Corn Crake, among others. Several routes leave the locality and take you into areas where you can track…

Recommended by Antonio Nuñez Ossorio and Vanessa de Alba

A rural hotel well-situated for vists to the Zator Lagoons and Auschwitz. The hotel has rooms for 2, 3, 4 and 5 people. There is a restaurant 100m away which serves typical Polish fare at a good price. The Zator lagoons are a series of lagoons full…

Recommended by Raul Bastida

Poland: situated at the gates to the Biebrza National Parl, great for visiting the park and its marismas. There are several houses and a camping area. The owner is a naturalist guide and is a fount of useful information. Situated at the gates to the…

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