Lonely Birder Approved is a hallmark that aims to improve the quality of birding tourism in order to make it easier to choose birding services that cater to birders (i.e. accommodation) when travelling around the world.

We have established a criteria applying 5 essential requirements and 19 additional qualifications which can total a maximum of 120 points. The rating will be given once the Lonely Birder Team has visited the establishment in order to check that the criteria has been met according to the requirements. Before this happens, the establishment can be shown on the website as Candidate Lonely Birder Approved. Some of the establishments are situated outside Spain and therefore cannot be easily visited by the LB team. When this is the case we follow a different procedure that consists mainly in providing evidence the criteria have been met (i.e. photos).

Benefits for LB users

  • Users will find that establishments with the Lonely Birder Approved hallmark will provide services, information and facilities to make their stay more comfortable as birders.
  • The user has information about tourist services based on an established criteria that also covers environmental and conservation aspects that can be interesting and helpful for birders.
  • Accommodation that offers supplementary services is evaluated according to its quality and suitability for birdwatching.

Benefits for the establishment

  • Lonely Birder is the online platform that offers birding services aimed for birders.
  • The Lonely Birder Approved hallmark  helps birders to choose their accommodation in a particular area.
  • Lonely Birder Approved accommodation differ from other establishments.
  • Your accommodation will be shown on the Lonely Birder search engine.
  • Adapting to our quality criteria implies an improvement in the surroundig natural environment which generates appreciation.
  • Following the LB criteria, your establishment will enhance the quality of your services and will improve your market positioning.
  • This hallmark will help your establishment be promoted worldwide through the following channels:
  • Online Directory.
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter).
  • Advertising material.
  • Fairs and specialised events worldwide.
  • Worldwide publicity in specialised media like magazines and blogs.
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