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Georgia: this hostel is located on the upper floor of the Vashlani National Park visitor centre. The bedrooms are comfortable, clean and have heating, with prices at around 20€ per room.

There is no food service but there is a large kitchen for use by guests and staff. There is a small supermarket nearby as well as a bar that is not always open.

Vashlani is a prime example of well-conserved mediterranean steppe with juniper and pistachio woodland frequented by Brown Bear, European Lynx, Wollf, Golden Jackal, Striped Hyena and occasionally Leopard. Persian Gazelles are scarce but still found in the southeastern corner of the park. Birdlife includes the most westerly natural population of Common Pheasant. Other birds of interest include Eastern Imperial Eagle; Menetries´s Warbler; Pied, Finsch´s and Isabelline Wheatears; Rock Nuthatch; Levant Sparrowhawk; Black Francolin; Rosy Starling; Black-headed Bunting and Ruddy Shelduck.

During spring migration you can see large flocks of Demoiselle Crane.



Our Address:

5 Baratashvili Street, Dedoplistskaro, Georgia


41.46258029891157, 46.10358953491823

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