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Romania: in the Aldomas valley in Moldavia, this is part of an initiative to conserve the traditional agricultural practices and culture of the Pagany-Havas region. There are many traditional houses for rent. Elvira del Viejo comments on her stay in the area:

We visited Gyimes, where people spoke the Hungarian dialect Csango. We stayed there in Attila Aaring and Reka Simo’s house. I remember my stay there as being like something out of a fairy tale. Reka had every last detail down to a tee! They were always working in their wonderful traditional clothes. They are really proud of their culture  and try to keep it as much as possible ( dialect, customs, attire and way of working the land). Reka is a dab hand in the kitchen, using an amazing array of home-grown ingredients. When we were there Attila showed us the cellar he was building with the help of some neighbours, made from rounded river stones- so beautiful! One day they took us up to the pasture where they graze their cattle herd and they brought lunch up with them. It was absolutely spectacular- the lunch came in a special traditional cart pulled by oxen and we watched them pull the cart up to us on the pasture. Everything was prepared with such skill and taste, using the products of the land. This was where we had a chance to walk with Attila to a meadow where Corn Crake breed.  I followed him hrough a patchwork of hay meadows to the spot, We were just a few metres from a calling male but I didn’t manage to see it. You can hear Corn Crake from the house every night.

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