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Ethiopia: This hotel’s location and its ‘gardens’ are the only good points, but the amazing birdwatching to be had there more than justifies a visit. Restaurant and service awful. Take your own food with you if you are forced to stay overnight. The tab is expensives, the rooms huge and the nocturnal temperature approaching that of a walk-in freezer. Thermal underwear is a must in winter!

Next tio the Jemmu Valley canyon, the Portuguese bridge and the Debre Libanos monastery and woods. The latter site is very good for forest birds including 9+ species of dove, and endemics like Abyssinian Black-headed Oriole and Abyssinian Slaty Flycatcher. The Sulula Plains are not far away, where there are some lakes where you can watch waterbirds like the endemic Blue-winged Goose.

The “gardens” and the location of this hotel are the only selling points, but the birdlist is more then enough reason to visit: white-eyes, sunbirds, prinias, robin-chats, barbets and mousebirds abound. Also raptors and carrion-eaters like Lappet-faced, Ruppell’s and African White-backed Vultures.


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North Shewa, Ethiopia


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