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Located in Pago de San Clemente, near Trujillo, it is an ideal and strategic crossroad for birding. Within a radius of less than 45 min. you’ll find well-known locations such as the Bélen Plains, the Vegas del Guadiana rice fields and wetlands (the Sierra Brava Reservoir, Casa de Hito, etc.). The Monfragüe National Park is located a mere 45 min. away.

This former winery offers the travelling birdwatcher the possibility to relax in an inviting, pleasant retreat.

The accommodation’s 5 feathers aren’t just for show. The owners, Claudia and Martin Kelsey, are both genuine bird lovers, something that is evident in every corner of the house with numerous little homely details that make any birdwatchers stay agreeable: they take care of the swallow’s nests that chose El Recuerdo as their nesting spot and they also maintain the thistles in the garden so that the hawfinch families have food aplenty. Martin is also an expert birding guide.

They have an extensive naturalist library available for the guest’s perusal in a cozy lounge with a fireplace.

In addition to the guest book where you will find information and observations of previous guests, they also have a blackboard where they write down the highlight events in the birding world.

The pool is located in the garden amongst shade and is a wonderful place to relax midday when the heat limits birding to early morning and late afternoon.

When preparing meals, they use home grown products from their garden such as olive oil, vegetables and jam. They even bake their own bread.



  • Located in a nature area
  • Provides information on birds of the area
  • Offers guiding services through local guides
  • Has a library with at least 10 specialised books and 1 magazine
  • Flexible times (early breakfast, late check-in and dinner)


  • The owners are members of conservation societies
  • Active participants in research and conservation studies
  • Birdwathing routes near the establishment
  • Good food for a great price
  • Nest boxes in the garden
  • Bird feeders in the garden
  • Bird baths in the garden or nearby
  • Updated bird list of birds seen at the establishment
  • Sale of souvenirs or there is a nearby specialised establishment that does
  • Promote the conservation of birds and their environment
  • They have a book where they record the ornithological records
  • The establishment has lovely views
  • Photography hides available ( another company’s)
  • Themed decoration
  • Library with more than 20 specialised books and more than 2 specialised magazines
  • Free wi-fi
  • Recycle
  • Safe parking
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