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Nestled in the heart of the Monfragüe National Park, this authentic country house has been restored and converted into a rural inn that offers a unique opportunity to get to know an area of the park that is closed to the public. It is located in the eastern part of the park with highlights such as the Salto del Corzo among the many others found in the 1600 ha.

It fulfillls almost all of the criteria, adding up to a total of 116 points, which grants it the 5 feather category. In fact, the only criterion it’s missing is access to internet although there is 3G coverage and they are in the midst of arranging wi-fi in the near future.

It is a wonderful option for moderate budgets that prioritize tranquility and being able to enjoy the Monfragüe wildlife from the moment you wake up, and it’s not an exaggeration. From the bedroom windows you can see the cliffs where a good selection of the park’s raptors breed.

There is a wide variety of hides for photographing birds in different habitats like bird baths, carrion feeders, bird photos of perched birds, ponds, rivers, etc.

The meals try to include as many local products as possible such as honey, olive oil, free range eggs, etc. These products are also available for purchase and the quality-price comparison is excellent.

The country house is quite authentic. In fact, it’s still full of life and you will find pigs, cattle and goats grazing nearby.

A 4×4 vehicle is highly recommended since the house is accessed by a dirt road. If necessary, a pick-up can be arranged with the owners using the company vehicle.

Since it is located within the National Park, one of the owners should accompany guests on the routes around the house in order to reduce possible disturbances to the fauna.

Photos by: Paco Jaez y María Rosa López.



  • Located in a nature area
  • Provides information on birds of the area
  • Offers guiding services through local guides
  • Has a library with at least 10 specialised books and 1 magazine
  • Flexible times (early breakfast, late check-in and dinner)


  • The owners are members of conservation societies
  • Active participants in research and conservation studies
  • Birdwathing routes near the establishment
  • Good food for a great price
  • Nest boxes in the garden
  • Bird feeders in the garden
  • Bird baths in the garden or nearby
  • Use of energy efficient mechanisms and renewable energy
  • Updated bird list of birds seen at the establishment
  • Sale of souvenirs or there is a nearby specialised establishment that does*
  • Promote the conservation of birds and their environment
  • They have a book where they record the ornithological records
  • Photography hides available (their own and another company’s)
  • The establishment has lovely views
  • Themed decoration
  • Library with more than 20 specialised books and more than 2 specialised magazines
  • Recycle
  • Safe parking

* Currently in the process of installing internet connection.

* Even though they don’t sell specific birding products, they do sell local products that are in season (honey, olive oil, etc.) and in Serrejón there is a store where souvenirs can be purchased.

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