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Panama: this is an old army radar tower converted into a fantastic, comfortable hotel. Being in a tower, you don´t have to leave the hotel to see many species of bird. In fact, from your room you can see scores and from the rooftop you have magificent views over the canopy. You can check for many species of Trogon, AraÇari, Woodpecker, Manakin and Antbirds. You lose sense of time as you watch the endless list of species passing before you. It is also easy to see mammals like Howler Monkey, Geoffrey´s Tamarins and Kinkajou. The feeders under the tower play host to various hummingbird species.

There are two suites, 5 double rooms and 5 single rooms. Each category is situated at different heights and therefore has different views of the forest. There is a spacious sitting room with a carefully tended naturalist´s library.

The meals and the service are very good, and competent guides offer drives in open-top vehicles adapted for birdwatching.

A must if you are visiting Panama!



Our Address:

Semaphore Hill Road | Soberania National Park, Ciudad de Panamá 0832-2701, Panamá


9.077591878739105, -79.64914225973189

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