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Senegal:  a charmimg, though basic campsite in Dindefelo, near the famous waterfall where it’s possible to see Narina’s Trogon and Chimpanzee among others. Trasition zone between the plateau and the savanna.

A basic but friendly, accommodating campsite thanks to the presence of Djibril, an enthusiast of the region and happy to help any traveller. Cirsuits by 4 x 4 or on foot to: Nyokolo Koba Park, Paid Bedik, pais basari, routes, Hippos in the Gambia river at Mako and the border of the Republic of Guinea.

Half an hour’s walk away is Senegal’s most famous waterfall in Dindefelo, where you can see Chimpanzee, Rock Hyrax and Narina’s Trogon. In this transition zone between the plateau and the savanna belt,  you have a greater chance of finding yourself in a variety of habitats.


Our Address:

Centre du village de Dindefello, Senegal


12.383521113475, -12.327691494183

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