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Northern Norway: this hostel is affordable by Norwegian standards, and is strategically situated in the Varanger peninsula. The rooms for hire are pretty comfortable. You need to reserve in advance.

Located on the Varanger peninsula, a famous stop where you can see the arctic birds of the Western Palearctic. There are huge colonies of seabirds like Long-tailed Duck, Kittiwake, auks, mergansers and divers, and waders like phalaropes and Ruff. Ural Owl and Northern Hawk-owl, Blyth’s Reed Warbler and Siberian Jay can also be seen.

The hostel is affordable by Norwegian standards, and there are comfy rooms and good saunas. You should book in advance, though.


Our Address:

9802 Vestre Jakobselv, NORWAY


70.11142678000682, 29.32697103538203

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