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Recommended by Lonely Birder

An ideal place to stay in the area of Gujarat (western India), when visiting The Little Rann of Kutch. It offers rooms distributed in small individual houses throughout the garden. Very spacious and clean, decorated with pictures of birds, with fans…

Recommended by Erich Streich

Accommodation at the entrance to Doñana National Park, a magificent place to observe birds and also mammals, including the rare Iberian Lynx. This  is one of the most luxurious establishments in the area. Situated near the gates to Doñana National…

Recommended by Lonely Birder

One of the best places to stay on a birding visit to Jim Corbett National Park, the oldest and most famous in India. It holds one of the last populations of the critically endangered Bengal Tiger as well as Asian Elephant and other mammals. The…

Recommended by Juan Carlos Albero, Silvia Fdez. Estrada and Lonely Birder

Situated in the outskirts of St. Louis, this is a good base for birding the Langue de Barbarie or Djoudj National Parks, even though it is about an hour away from them. This is a good hotel with rooms of various categories which range in price from…

Recommended Jus Perez

Ethiopia: Situated on the banks of Lake Langano and by the East Langano reserve. They two types of accommodation:  traditional Ethiopian adobe huts and comfortable bungalows. Prices are high for the country but the location and the possibility of…

Recommended by Jus Pérez

Western prices in both food and accommodation. Some clients think that the rooms are overpriced. The rooms are basic and cold at night (although they provide hot water bottle in the bed) but very comfortable and clean. Good Ethiopian food (although…

Recommended by Ferran López, José Luis Copete, Sergi Bosch, José Cobo & Rafa Armada

This lodge is found right in the middle of Bandhavgarh national Park, one of the best areas in India to view the last wild tigers. These premises are run by Satyendra Kumar Tiwari, one of the best birders of the region. From the lodge you can…

Recommended by Godfried Scheur

Situado en la orilla del río es una magnífica opción como punto de partida para realizar excursiones por la zona donde se pueden ver Palm vulture o Abyssinian Ground Hornbill entre otros. Básico pero cómodo y sobretodo muy bien situado.

Recommended by Manolo Garcia Tarrason

Thailand: a lodge 7km from the Khao Yai National Park, a stop you can’t miss if you are biriding in Thailand. The cheapest rooms were going for around 8.5€ (350 Baht) in Oct 2014

Northern Colombia: The Reserva Faunal is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. There are 4 endemic bird species in the reserve and more than 300 have been recorded in total, with up to 20 mammal species. Double rooms and a camping…

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