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This legal notice contains the conditions governing the use and access to the website and responsibilities arising from their use.

It is understood that access or mere use of the website by the user implies the acceptance of the same conditions to all Lonely Birder has published at that time on the web.

In compliance with the Law 34/2002 on Information Society and Electronic Commerce, please note that this site is owned by Jose Miguel Guerra Ramos (NIF 08868218Q) and Marc Gálvez Martínez (44998944L DNI).

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By filling in different electronic forms on our website you expressly states that the information you provide is true and correspond to reality, that you are qualified and that sending data and information is not committing any irregularity portal known, in any case exempt from any liability to the site and their leaders and managers. The reporter responsible for the accuracy of the information provided; the portal will undertake all legal actions necessary to compensate the damages caused and pursue the commission of any act of libel, slander or any crimes or damages caused by the use of your website.

In compliance with the Organic Law 15 13th December, 1999 (Spain) of the Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD) and the Royal Decree 1720 21st December, 2007 (Spain), Lonely Birder informs that the use of certain services on our website requires that you provide some personal information through registration forms or by sending e-mail and they will be processed and incorporated into files Lonely Birder. Sending personal data referred to is the consent to the treatment of the same, albeit revocable, without retroactive effects. The formalization of the form under fourteen years without the consent of parents or guardians to the processing of personal data is prohibited.

We also inform you that to safeguard the security of their personal data, the necessary technical and organizational security required by Royal Decree 1720/2007 which regulates the regulation of safety measures of files containing personal data shall apply.

It informs the user that the data and the information you provide may be transferred to Onaga Ambiental where an organization directly related to Lonely Birder. If you do not want to send a message through the contact section of our website.

The user party can contact the Lonely Birder to exercise his or her rights of access to personal data, rectification, cancellation and opposition to its use or transfer, as well as exercising their right to revoke consent top data transfer or international transfer, through a written application by post or email, signed and sent to José Miguel Guerra Ramos, NIF (National Identity Number) 08868218Q, C/Almendros, 29, 06840 Alange (Badajoz – Spain). This application should contain the name, surname, postal address of the solicitant, a copy of their identity card or passport or similar document and details of the right invoked.

This website, including its programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for its management, like the brand name, logo, design, headings, HTML code, texts, images, graphics and any other content, is the property of Lonely Birder or in another case where the expressed authorisation of the authors has been given.

All total or partial reproduction, exploitation, distribution or commercialisation of the site’s content requires prior written permission from info[arroba]

The site user is only authorised to view the material and contents of the website, and any download of material from the site into their PC would be for their personal and private use, never commercial use, and on condition that authors’ rights are respected.

It is also illegal to supress, ignore or manipulate in any way copyright and Lonely Birder data identifying photographs, images, graphics and information included in the site content.

All designs, logos, texts and/ or graphics used on the Lonely Birder website, belong to the respective owners, and any controversy resulting from their use is attributable to them. In any case, Lonely Birder has the expressed authorisation from the said authors of the use of this content.

By making available to users this website we offer a range of quality content, using the technological means with the utmost care. However, we will not be responsible for the presence of viruses or other elements that may in any way damage the user’s computer system. Also, please note that Lonely Birder can facilitate access to other websites through links. The aim of these links is only facilitate the search for resources that may interest through the Internet. However, these pages do not belong to Lonely Birder and, despite their legal content to review the day of publication on the web link, Lonely Birder is not responsible for their content or the operation of the linked page or for any damages that may arise from accessing or using it.

Lonely Birder authorises the establishment of links between other websites and its own, given they adhere to the following conditions:

  • Any link with illicit or immoral content in violation of public order is prohibited.
  • Private, non-commercial links may be established between this website and another, provided copyright and content property rights are upheld for the linked material. For that, the URL of this website or the name of the author must be given as a reference.
  • Modification of any kind of this website’s contents in prohibited, along with the reproduction, presentation or distribution or any other use of its content for commercial ends.
  • The use of this website’s profile for legal or non-authorised ends, with or without economic motive, is prohibited.

The user is prohibited from any action on our site that results in excessive operational overload to our computer systems, and the introduction of viruses or the installation of robots, or software that alters the normal operation of our website, or may cause damage to our computer systems.

The user is fully aware that the mere browsing this website and using its services implies acceptance of these conditions.

Lonely Birder reserves the right to make changes on the website without prior warning, in order to maintain up-to-date information, adding amending, correcting or eliminating the content published or design of the portal.

Everything relating to our website is governed exclusively by the Spanish laws. In the event that any discrepancy or difference arises between the parties regarding the interpretation and content of this website, all the parties submit to arbitration in law or expressly waive any other jurisdiction, the Courts of Badajoz.

Privacy Policy

In compliance with current legislation on personal data protection (Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, hereinafter LOPD), Lonely Birder informs you that the personal data collected in the forms contained on this site, as well as those data that Lonely Birder accesses as a result of browsing, query, request or contract, or any transaction or operation made from this website will be stored in a folder under the responsibility of Lonely Birder. Also, please note that these personal data and information provided to us may be transferred to Onaga Ambiental, organization directly related to Lonely Birder, for purposes related to our business.

Use of Information

The treatment of the personal data through this website is carried out in order to deliver Lonely Birder services offered through these pages, and to provide information and notices that may be of interest. All information provided is strictly confidential and is exclusively used with the objective of offering the solicited services, with all legal and security guarantees imposed by the Information and Electronic Business for Society Law 34/ 11th Jun 2002, being met.

Accuracy of data

The User guarantees that the personal data provided to Lonely Birder are truthful and is responsible for communicating any changes thereto.

User Consent

Sending personal data via forms on this website or, send emails requesting information or services, constitutes the User’s consent to their personal data being used in accordance with the above purposes and acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

User rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

To exercise these rights, the owner of the data can be addressed through written communication and attaching a copy of your DNI to:

Lonely Birder – Data protection

C/Almendros, 29

06840 Alange (Badajoz – Spain)

You can resolve any questions about this Privacy Policy by contacting us at the email address: info[@]

Cookie Policy

European laws require that digital publishers give visitors to their sites and apps information about their use of cookies and other forms of local storage. In many cases these laws also require that consent be obtained.

According to the Royal Decree 13/30th March 2012, the second part of article 22 of the 34/11th June 2002 law, Information and Electronic Commerce and Services to Society Law (LSSI), and following the Spanish Data Protection Agency directives.

At we use own and third party cookies to improve our services, for statistical purposes related to your preferences by analyzing your browsing habits. On our website, the use of cookies only has the following ends:

  • To identify the user
  • To enable the user to personalise our website
  • To improve future searches

Cookies are called small files which are stored on the browser used by each visitor to our website so that the server can remember the visit of the user when re-access to our content.

This information does not reveal the identity or any personal information or access content stored on your PC, but it allows our system to identify you as a user who visited our website before. Also allows you to save your preferences, such as: the visits, the choice of language or visited pages.

Cookies make it easier for users to connect, browsing and using our website during future visits.

Cookies are useful for various reasons. From a technical point of view, they enable the server to recognise the user’s navigator to make web searches faster, easier and more efficient, factoring in details like language preference and the currency of your country. They are also used for measuring internet traffic and the number of users based on the number of hits.Thanks to these statistics the webpage operators can improve their online service.

Your search engine also allows you to select the cookies you want to install in your computer. Users can normally accept some of the following options: reject cookies from certain domains, reject cookies from third-party sites, accept cookies temporarily (that automatically disappear when the navigator is witched off), or allow the server to create cookies for a new domain.

Navigating our website allows you the option of installing the following Cookies:

Personalised cookies: these allow individual users certain options on the website, e.g. choosing a language, regional configuration, currency or type of search engine.

Technical cookies: these are vital in allowing each user to navigate the website using different options like identifying each session, permitting access to determined areas of the website, facilitating requests, sales, filling out forms and requests, security and allowing videos and links to social media.

Analytical cookies: these are purely used for statistical analysis. One clear example would be the cookies generated by the tracking scrpit of Google Analytics which permits the website to see the number of hits and analyse anonymously the way our users use the website’s services.Thanks to these we can elaborate search profiles that streamline our website.

Registration cookies: when a user registers at our website, these cookies identify the user as registered and also indicate when they started the session.These cookies are used to identify the user’s account and associated services. They are maintained as long as the user does not abandon the account, turn off the navigator or switch off the device. These cookies can be used in conjunction with analytical data to identify individual preferences in our portal.

Publicity cookies: these allow us to amage the advertising space on our website, controlling the contect and quantity of the adverts to make them fit with our site content. Thanks to them we can follow search habits of our users and show them publicity to ralted to their search profile.

Third-party cookies: on some of our webpages we have installed third-party cookies, those which have some relation to our website and facilitate our services. One example are the links to social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Youtube and Vimeo). We cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies or content of the aforementioned sites, as all the information we offer is related to our site content. In case of any doubts, you should contact the webmaster of the domain that created the cookie.

If you decide to block cookies you can impede the correct functioning of a few characteristics of the website. This will restrict what you can do on our website. The majority of seach engines permit cookie management in three different ways: blocking all cookies, the search engine requests the user for use of each cookie and accepting all cookies. If you don’t want to save cookies in your computer or you would prefer to receive information each time a cookie is installed, you can configure your search options to carry out these tasks. Follow the instructions below.

The majority of search engines are pre-configured to accept cookies, but you can change the configuration to allow, block or eliminate cookies.
Configuring preferences on the main search engines:

If you use a different search engine from the above, consult its installation policy on the use or blocking of cookies at the official webpage of the search provider.