On a recent post we wrote about ConnectBirds, a new social platform for birders. We explain you now how it works!


All birders accessing the web, can consult the section EXPLORE (map where all bird observations made by users are located) without being registered previously. Once registered we can see in the START screen all user posts chronologically. We can also access the full content of each post by clicking on the ‘Open’ button and we can read in more detail all the information it contains, as the description of the day, photos and see the birds checklists attached. Each entry can be commented and if you like the publication, you can give it a feather. Also, you can access the PROFILE of all users and see their recent activity, your photo gallery or send a private message.


When you want to post your field sightings, you just have to click on the ‘New record’ icon and a window where we can attach the information and data we want, including links and pictures, will open. If you want to geolocate a sighting, you just have to click on the ‘New Comment’ button, we fill the information and that’s it! your sighting or checklist will be registered.

Another function of CB is the possibility to create the checklist of the birds you’ve seen in a certain area. You can even create your personal lists, in your city, region, country or even create your life list around the world. There is a “ranking lists” as well, where you can check out the people who have seen more birds in the world or in your country, region, city, etc.


One of the functions of ConnectBirds we like the “Trip Reports” section, where users can upload their trip reports. This is very helpful as you can have fresh information on many aspects when planning your next birding trip.

trip reports

As you can see, ConnectBirds has a lot of useful functions for birders and from Lonely Birder we encourage you to participate by uploading your experiences, photos, trip reports … the more registered users, the more fun it will be!