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Located right in the heart of the Natural Park of Redes (Soto de Agues, Asturias), with the possibility of seeing Black Woodpecker and Capercaillie, Bullfinch as well as some other vertebrates. Homemade food at a very good price.

Recommended by Vanesa de Alba, Antonio Núñez Ossorio & Miguel Ángel Muñoz

Located in Casas de Don Pedro, within the Special Protection Area of Orellana Reservoir and Sierra de Pela. It’s also very close to Vegas Altas and to the Protection Area of Puerto Peña – Los Golondrinos. It opens at 6:15am and it offers a homemade…

Recommended by Lonely Birder

It’s situated in Montanissell, at the gates of the Special Protection Area of Serra de Boumort-Collegats, in a spectacular site. Highly recommended due to its delicious cuisine. It also has well equipped apartments available for ten people. Homemade…

Recommended by Lonely Birder

Located in Sant Joan Fumat, at the gates of the Natural Park of Alt Pirineu on the east side and near the Valira Valley, the main access to Andorra. The Natural Park Cadí- Moixeró is also close (30 min. drive). This restaurant is located in an…

This bar is ideal to have an early breakfast (there are not many places that open early in Alange) and in large quantity. For about 2-2.5 € they serve coffee with a huge toast! If you like cheese and patatera (a typical local pork and potato sausage…

Recommended by Lonely Birder

Located in Alange, in the Special Protection Area of Sierras Centrales & the Alange Reservoir. It has a large terrace that is covered in winter. An ideal place for lunch or dinner. It’s not open early for breakfast before going out birding. …

Recommended by Vanesa de Alba & Antonio Núñez Ossorio

Bar-Restaurant specialized in traditional food and game cuisine. The owner is an expert ornithologist who can inform you on the best areas to watch birds in the surroundings of Zafra.

Recommended by José Pedro Portillo

In the town of Burela, with a very nice cape for watching seabirds and a nice port for Neartic seagulls. Just a few minutes from the Corvo Reservoir. The Mesón O Secreto de Xoco is well situated in the Burela Port, it’s a large and clean space with…

Recommended by Sergi Sales

This bar is located in Ivars d’Urgell next to Estany d’Ivars i Vila-Sana. It’s a traditional village bar, very practical for being close to the lake. It’s a place that’s frequented by ornithologists visiting the Estany d’Ivars.

Located in a stunning site, just opposite the lagoon of l’Encanyissad, in the Natural Park of Delta del Ebro. This well known restaurant is an ideal place to taste the traditional gastronomy of Delta del Ebro: delicacies like eels, sea anemones,…

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